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Distillery & Brewery Tour

Limited Distillery

Upon relocating to the Niagara Region in 2009 from the Greater Toronto Area, Danny and I quickly became inspirited by Niagara’s vast agricultural, food and beverage culture. In 2013, while making a painstakingly slow trek through a winter storm to Blue Mountain, we began to

The Exchange Brewery

The Exchange Brewery is a new premium brewery and tasting room located in Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Old Town heritage district. Although the town is known as the heart of Ontario’s wine country, it is also the scene of a burgeoning craft-brewing industry. With brewing and agricultural roots

Silversmith Brewing

Silversmith Brewing is best known for their multi-award winning Black Lager brewed in Ontario. The hand-crafted beers are available on tap, in bottles and in cans. Silversmith proudly redefines not only the craft beer experience but tourism in Niagara. They created a space where travelers and

Wayne Gretzky Estates

Winery & Distillery where you can sample world-class wines, whisky, and spirits.  Some of the most popular are Canadian Cream liquor and the new No.99 Rye Larger. Wayne Gretzky Winery & Distillery.