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Distillery & Brewery Tour

Limited Distillery

Upon relocating to the Niagara Region in 2009 from the Greater Toronto Area, Danny and I quickly became inspirited by Niagara’s vast agricultural, food and beverage culture. In 2013, while making a painstakingly slow trek through a winter storm to Blue Mountain, we began to

The Exchange Brewery

The Exchange Brewery is a new premium brewery and tasting room located in Niagara-on-the-Lake’s Old Town heritage district. Although the town is known as the heart of Ontario’s wine country, it is also the scene of a burgeoning craft-brewing industry. With brewing and agricultural roots

Silversmith Brewing

Silversmith Brewing is best known for their multi-award winning Black Lager brewed in Ontario. The hand-crafted beers are available on tap, in bottles and in cans. Silversmith proudly redefines not only the craft beer experience but tourism in Niagara. They created a space where travelers and

Distillery & Brewery Tour

Niagara Distillery sits at the iconic corner of Falls Avenue and Clifton Hill, directly across from Niagara Falls. Throughout history, the raging natural wonder has drawn guests from around the globe, which very much continues today.