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Word for Legal Document

We have listed all the clues in our database that match your search for “legal document”. There will also be a list of synonyms for your answer. Synonyms and responses have been organized to be easy to find, based on the number of characters. Legal A legal document that contains a promise that one person will pay money to another person A legal document that contains a written promise that something is true A court document telling a person that he or she must perform jury duty the terms of a legal, commercial or financial agreement that the persons entering into it, accept a clause in a contract stating that if any part of the contract is found to be illegal or unenforceable, the rest of the contract should still be valid We hope the following list of synonyms for the word legal document will help you finish your crossword puzzle today. We`ve organized synonyms by length to make them easier to find. in England and Wales, all official official documents filed in court in connection with a dispute, including details of the case or defence 1. Nominal phrase An online legal document creator can help you with this process. Legal An official document that asks you to participate in a case before a court Legal A document that shows that the person who has just bought a property, now its rightful owner, is legally an important part of a contract. If a condition is breached, the contract can be terminated, unlike a warranty, which is a smaller part.

An official statement or document stating a right, claim, or law may be formally ignored or abandoned A document in which a claimant contains all the details of a claim A form of legal protection that gives someone ownership of the design of an article is a subordinate provision in a contract. A breach of a warranty does not terminate a contract in accordance with a condition. legally an official document that contains the details of a legal agreement, particularly on who owns a building or land Please visit The Crossword Solver “Legal Document”. This is often more formally referred to as a will legally, a file or records that contain all the documents relevant to a court case. It shall be given to each party, judge, jury and all witnesses to whom they may refer in open court. English version of the thesaurus of legal documents and parts of legal documents A legal document from a judge that prevents someone from doing anything legal An official document in which you ask a court to take legal action Adjective. [`ˈliːgəl`] established by or on the basis of law or official or accepted rules. The introductory text that appears in a contract or agreement that broadly defines its principles A contract that is usually purely oral, although it can also be partially written, but not an act is British a contract between a company and a manager such as a senior manager formally a condition that must be accepted before an agreement can be concluded one of the changes, made in the U.S. Constitution If a particular response is generating a lot of interest on the site today, it can be highlighted in orange. Un accord où une partie promet quelque chose mais l’autre partie ne le fait pas.

a term in a contract that has not been classified and can be interpreted either as a condition that is very important, or a warranty that is less important an official list of crimes that someone has committed.