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William J Mansfield Legal Advertising

Mansfield: The Internet has its challenges, but also its advantages. It`s hard to believe, but 60 million people in the United States still don`t have access to the internet. Newspapers are always the best place for legal advice. AALM: What attracted you to the legal advertising industry? AALM: How is William J. Mansfield Inc. different from other legal advertising agencies? WILLIAM J. MANSFIELD INC. 998 Old Eagle School Road, Suite 1209 Wayne, PA 19087 (610) 254-9980 Mansfield: William J. Mansfield Inc. was originally founded at Philadelphia City Hall by my great-great-grandfather. While working for a judge, he began to serve local lawyers with their legal publicity needs. He then left his legal internship and founded William J. Mansfield Inc.

The company moved to 1420 Walnut Street in Philadelphia and in 1985 to the Wayne area where we operate today. Mansfield: Since we are a family organization, we believe that our small business is a “family” that we also try to work as one business. Mansfield: Technology has spurred our development and increased our speed and turnaround time. Even now, we are able to deliver notarized affidavits to our clients digitally, which has become crucial. Mansfield: Family. Fortunately, my father`s leadership and friendship brought me back to Randolph Macon after four years of college. The rest is history. We have a relationship that is both family and professional. Family businesses can be challenging, but we make it work. I am very proud to work with him and to carry on the family legacy. AALM: Tell us about the founding of William J. Mansfield Inc.

AALM: How do you balance your time between supporting clients and running a business? AALM: How is William J. Mansfield Inc. doing in the community? AALM: What changes do you see in the industry? How do you prepare your business to stay ahead of the curve? Mark Mansfield /article/Mark+Mansfield/3108494/503978/article.html. Dad. State Secy. resigns after sexual abuse amendment fails Mansfield: Everyone in our office loves dogs. Luckily, we can get them to work, so the SPCA is where we focus our community involvement. AALM: Tell me how you spend your time when you`re not on the clock. Mansfield: My wife, Mary Sue, and I care for our three children, Carter, 8, and our twins, Brooke and Blair, 5. Mark Mansfield, President of William J. Mansfield Inc., sat down with Thomas Ryales, editor-in-chief of Attorney at Law Magazine Philadelphia, to talk about his business and how he works with local lawyers to improve their practices. Mansfield: The hardest part of a small business that has always spent taking care of the business is the time spent away from customers.

I try to cater to a little bit of business needs every day so I don`t miss an entire day without supporting clients or doing new business. AALM: How would you describe the company`s culture or brand? Mansfield: Customer Service, Customer Service, Customer Service! We pride ourselves on always being within reach of phone or email. When I started in 1999, email became increasingly important in my daily work. Now that`s about 99% of how we communicate with our customers. In today`s world, you need to be “HYPER REACTIVE” with your customers. We are proud to return to our customers as soon as possible. AALM: What do you enjoy most about working with lawyers? Mansfield: They challenge me every day. One of my favorite things is to give them back their work personally. This gives me the opportunity to meet them face to face and thank them for using our services. AALM: How has the company grown since its inception? .