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O Que Fazer De Legal No Notebook

CloudReady brings Chrome OS to older laptops – Photo: Disclosure With a new laptop or 2-in-1, streaming music is no longer a frustrating experience if you expect files to load. Connect to your favorite internet radio station or even your personal music library and enjoy your songs without interruption, pause or interruption. READ: 5 Things You Should “Never” Do on Your Laptop Browse popular laptops with Intel Core processors®™. Another interesting thing you can do with your laptop is to spread your files across multiple devices. Just follow our simple instructions and you can access your music library, movie collection, and vacation photos from your laptop or 2-in-1 tablet and smartphone. When you download files, you will always have all your data at your fingertips and you can even share your favorites with your friends! Learn more about downloading and streaming music › The portability of your laptop is probably one of the reasons you bought it. You can take your work, schoolwork, or hobbies with you wherever you go. If the only free time you have is lunchtime, but it`s a 20-minute drive from the mall, bring your laptop to a nearby restaurant and buy that pair of shoes you`ve been craving online for weeks. If you have recently started climbing and want to join a club of people interested in this activity, use your notebook to search for mountaineering clubs in your area. If you love online games but don`t want to be locked up all day, find a quiet spot in the park where you can keep a higher score than your friends in Candy Crush Saga*. Are you working on drawing a life-size anime, but will you be traveling during the weekend? Simply upload the file to the cloud and you can access it whenever you are creative.

With the help of an emulator like Lakka, you can use your old laptop processor to run classic arcade games. The program is based on the famous RetroArch emulator and combines several platforms into one. In addition to the software, you only need a controller connected to the laptop via USB. With an internet connection, you can stream your TV and watch your favorite shows from anywhere using Hulu*, YouTube*, Vimeo*, or other websites. You can also enjoy many TV shows directly from the source, such as: on the TV network website. Do you want to buy a cheap laptop? Find the best prices on Compare TechAll Learn how to choose the best laptop for college › Dead Space is a third-person shooter and action game released in 2008 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Following the success of the franchise, a spin-off of the game of the same name for iOS and Android was released in 2011 on the same day as the movie Dead Space: Aftermath. Both versions have a narrative that focuses on horror and science fiction and share the same gameplay concept. However, the story of the two is different and the events of the mobile version occur between the events of Dead Space 1 for consoles and Dead Space 2. The game puts the player in the role of engineer Isaac Clarke, who answers the distress call of the mining space station (USG Ishimura) and encounters a terrible alien invasion. EA recently removed the game from the App Store for iOS, but the game can still be downloaded by those who have purchased the game in the past.

You can download Dead Space here on TechTudo, but PC players should check the game`s requirements before downloading. 2-in-1 – Featuring a powerful touchscreen laptop and ultra-thin detachable tablet that you can customize to work and play on Intel PCs. Have you bought a new laptop? Here`s what to do before you start using Everyone We Know makes a notebook that`s great for homework or accessing your email via the Wi-Fi at your local coffee shop. But remember: there are a number of other cool things you can do with a laptop or 2-in-1, from creating your own mix of songs and chats, meeting your favorite DJs with friends from around the world, scrapbooking, and creating an online photo album for your parents` 25th wedding anniversary.1 Five important tips before buying a computer A great way to An old laptop turns it into a self-made projector. To do this, you`ll need a cardboard box, insulation tape, and an A4-sized magnifying glass, which you`ll find on online shopping sites for around $25.