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Nj Legal Hunting Hours

Note: Federally owned real property (Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and National Wildlife Refuges) may prohibit the use of medium-fire or rimfire rifles. The State Park Service Code (NJAC 7:2) prohibits the use of rifles, including muzzle-loading rifles, to hunt coyotes and foxes in all state parks, forests, and recreational areas. Hunters should always check with the landowner before hunting coyotes or foxes. Special permit season runs from January 1 to March 15. There are different rules for day and night hunting activities. The Appalachians run through the northeastern part of the state and the southern part of the state has a lot of farmland, both of which offer good deer hunting due to the high deer population. There are some beautiful lakes such as Hopatcong Lake and Greenwood Lake that offer good fishing. NJ also has miles of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean with good access to deep-sea fishing. A hunting license is required for all seasons. Bow, shotgun and muzzle loading seasons also require an area-specific wood-free licence and a wooden casket hunting licence. See deer permits.

To learn more about New Jersey`s hunting regulations, visit the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife website for more information on licenses, permits, and best practices. The legal opening hours for night hunting are from 1/2 hour after sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise. Hunting seasons: half an hour before sunrise to half an hour after sunset. Coyotes and foxes can be harvested randomly during deer hunting during gun season, with the exception of Youth Day. New Jersey has three coyote hunting seasons: bow only, general license, and special license. A hunting licence is required for all seasons and a $2 licence is required for the special permit season. There is no pocket limit, but all coyotes captured must be reported by 8 p.m. after harvest. Use firing sizes greater than #4 end during daylight hours (“BB” to #3 buck); Detailed descriptions of the deer management zone boundaries can be found on our website under Legal hunting seasons are 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset. Exception: On November 6, hunting cannot begin until 8 a.m. Request for Harvest Report: To be legal, all deer caught must be reported through the Automated Fish and Wildlife Catch Reporting System at (855) 448-6865 or the Harvest Report.

Hunters are assigned a confirmation number, which must be kept with the deer and its parts. FARMERS are not required to obtain a hunting licence for the farm where they live, but must still declare all deer caught. See About hunting and farming licences. A thermal riflescope is a big purchase. You`ll have to wait until you`ve determined you`re addicted to hunting coyotes or predators before buying one. For new fighters, I recommend the ATN Thor 4 (good up to 150 meters). Please read my article on ATN Thor 4 Scope before buying one. There are a few complicated rules for hunting coyotes in New Jersey. Although the population is small, there are three coyote hunting seasons. Each season has a specific restriction on firearms or archery. Be sure to check for updates before starting a season where you will be hunting.

Related: In New Jersey, you hunt the Eastern Coyote. Learn how to hunt big dawgs here. **Season dates vary by area. Spring turkey hunting licences are issued by random draw. You must apply for a permit between January and February to participate in the lottery. There is no lottery for the fall season. New Jersey is a densely populated state, but it still has some great outdoor offerings. And don`t be fooled by its size โ€“ NJ has over 750,000 acres of public hunting land.

Fuggedend! In fact, there are a few scenarios you can, but most of the time you don`t hunt in Jersey on Sundays. In recent years, New Jersey has increased the number of hunting days, totaling more than 100 days for hunters, young and old, to venture outside. And the size of the state doesn`t mean there are few wild animals โ€” during the 2020-2021 deer season, hunters captured nearly 55,000 deer. Muzzle magazine: rifle or smoothbore, single barrel, single shot. Flintlock, percussion and in-line ignitions allowed. Electronic ignitions are not legal. Double-barreled firearms are prohibited. Hunting seasons: half an hour before sunrise to half an hour after sunset. NOTE: Only one male is allowed per season per hunter.

Must be accompanied by a licensed adult who does not hunt. (For more information, see Taking a child hunting.) For hunting daytime rifles with muzzle magazine or smoothbore entry, at least 44 calibers. Make sure you always have your crops with you when you are at home. NOTE: If you are unable to retrieve your deer or access the ADS at designated times on harvest day, call the nearest Fish and Wildlife Enforcement office and leave a message (see phone book). Please leave your name, CID number, phone number and a short message explaining your situation. Then, report your deer the next day. Your harvest is not legal until you receive a confirmation number from AHRS. Muzzle magazine: single-barrel, single-barrelled rifle OR single or double-barreled smoothbore rifle. Flintlock, percussion and in-line ignitions allowed. Electronic ignitions are not legal. Getting started with a simple riflescope is inexpensive โ€“ but really an exciting way to hunt foxes. Read this article to choose the right light color for nocturnal predators.

Place agricultural products, salt or other edible bait in forests, fields or wetlands to attract wildlife approaching a hunter. Deer bait is legal unless the landowner prohibits it. The shotgun must be equipped with an adjustable open iron or scope or scope if the hunter hunts with snails or is in possession of snails. The New Jersey white-tailed deer herd is an important part of the landscape in all but the most urbanized areas of the state. White-tailed deer affect our forests, farms, gardens, backyards and roads. New Jersey deer hunters spend more than $100 million each year because they enjoy about 1.5 million days of free time to hunt deer. Money spent during deer season benefits a variety of New Jersey businesses. There are many ways to hunt white-tailed deer in New Jersey. Please read our seasons and regulations to prepare for a great hunt! It is illegal to highlight deer in the dark from a vehicle if you are in possession of a firearm that can kill deer, whether the weapon is packed, unpacked, or in a locked compartment. New Jersey regulates certain deer seasons by location. For more information on specific hunting dates in your part of the state, visit the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife website. Related: Read the laws for fox hunting in New Jersey.

Deer must be reported before other deer are tracked, except in areas where it is legal to catch two deer at once. hunting only by call and hunting standing (therefore, the use of dogs is prohibited); and hunt in the evening with a 10-12 gauge shotgun only with shooting sizes ranging from #4 fine to “T” shot; Harvest restrictions, special seasons, and hunting regulations for the hunting season in New Jersey vary by animal and season. Visit the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife for more information. Both devices are legal when hunting on private land. Hunter Orange is optional unless hunting in some stored WMA, baiting, and the use of dogs are prohibited. You must have a manual or electronic call. First of all, you need to pass the hunter safety course. You can then get a hunting license online at After looking at the current hunting seasons in New Jersey, don`t forget all the other adventures New Jersey has to offer besides hunting.

Visit art and culture, sights and history. Use portable lights at night. If the above regulations describe how you hunt coyotes and foxes from January 1 to March 15, you will need a special permit. Use a medium-fire rifle (.25 gauge or less with 80-grain ammunition) and a rimfire rifle (.22 gauge or less with 50-grain ammunition) in broad daylight; Farmers and their immediate family members, tenants who occupy or cultivate their land, or farm employees may kill squirrels, raccoons, possums, skunks, weasels, crows, forest cores, grey foxes, red foxes or coyotes on farmland at any time if they destroy livestock or crops. However, they must use legal firearms and ammunition and are subject to state laws and local regulations. You can use an electronic caller and a decoy, but you must wear a SOLID Hunter Orange hat (no camouflage/logo) as part of the 200 square inch Hunter Orange requirement when hunting on certain WMAs. NOTE: All hunting licences are valid for the calendar year; Deer permits are valid for the 2022-2023 deer season. Conservation OrderStatewide: February 16 – April 8Daily Bag Limit: None; includes snow geese and larger and smaller horse geeseSpecial regulations apply during the conservation order.

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