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Modern Sage Legal

With extensive experience in the region, we support Indigenous leaders in a variety of ways. In some cases, we simply highlight ambiguous or unclear legal and policy issues within a particular process. In others, we develop and support a variety of strategies that align consultation with other activities such as negotiations, litigation, media and engagement. These are our core values that enable us to provide efficient and effective legal solutions without the unnecessary distractions of a traditional law firm. We work when you work, we are solution-oriented, and we are committed to delivering results conveniently, affordably, and quickly. We provide legal support for employment, membership, financial management, reserve issues and a wide range of other governance issues facing our Indigenous clients. Our approach is effective, respectful and practical. We do not write 100-page guidelines when 10 pages is enough. We find solutions that work in situations that are usually complex and very personal. Avoid the courts, lawyers, and the high costs of a lengthy litigation by having your dispute or divorce resolved by an independent mediator. Or, if you`ve already agreed on a settlement, we can provide you with the concise “independent legal advice” you need to make everything official. We provide corporate and commercial law services to promote the growth and sustainability of modern and traditional Indigenous economies. This requires an understanding of clients` unique cultures and goals, expertise in dealing with a variety of business and legal tools, and good judgment in knowing which ones are best suited for the situation at hand.

Sorry, we couldn`t provide you with directions for these places. We have represented Indigenous clients in judicial reviews and civil actions covering a wide range of topics: Ensure your business complies with the Data Protection and Anti-Spam Act (CASL) and that appropriate measures are in place in the event of a data breach. In the meantime, we help apps and websites implement practical privacy policies and balanced terms and conditions. Our approach to litigation is to work closely with a network of experienced litigators and trusted professionals to build case-specific litigation teams. These teams benefit from the expertise of experienced courtroom litigators and Sage Legal`s experience in Indigenous law and each Indigenous client`s unique community. Whether you`ve teamed up or set the date, you should have a life or prenuptial agreement. It is not a question of when, but if. We have acted on a variety of regulatory processes, including: Understanding the impact before signing on the dotted line. When buying, selling, renting, renting, licensing, or launching, a well-written contract ensures everyone knows their obligations — and what happens if someone drops the ball. We meet the diverse needs of venues, galleries, artists, producers, directors, managers, festivals and other creatives. We have been at the forefront of recent precedents, including West Moberly v. British Columbia (Chief Inspector of Mines) 2011 BCCA 247, which rejected the Crown`s attempt to ignore cumulative effects during the consultation (and was recently cited by the Supreme Court of Canada).

Financial management (INAC social assistance programs, audit and reporting, debtor and creditor issues) Starting a business, restructuring an existing business, or need to make sure your business books are up to date? We can help. Do you think your friends might be familiar with this company? Ask your friends on Facebook what they think. Membership (membership rights/codes, approval and ratification procedures) We can`t do everything and we don`t try. But if we can`t help you, we`ll be happy to refer you to a company that can. Labour law (wrongful dismissal, harassment, human rights, human resources policy), including civil actions and complaints under the Employment Standards Act and the Canada Labour Code Other governance issues (Indian Act legislation, taxation, on-reserve economic development) We have worked in various resource sectors, These include: Reserve issues (criminal activity and law enforcement, jurisdiction, land management); At Sage Legal, we believe that effective negotiation requires mastering opposites: competition and cooperation; knowledge and creativity; Art and science. This versatility allows us to achieve optimal results for our customers. We defend the rights of landowners and oppose uncontrolled development and municipal encroachments. Get your affairs in order so you can focus on your best life, knowing that your wealth will be divided fairly. (And if you change your mind, you can always change your will.) .